Seasons Are Changing and Waves Are Crashing and Stars Are Falling All for Us...

Days Grow Longer and Nights Grow Shorter...I Can Show You I'll Be The One.

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I'm pretty much your average person, I presume. I enjoy many things, too many things to list right now without completely boring whoever is reading this. I will say that I enjoy writing very much and that languages interest me greatly. I also have a great appreciation for history and literature, which probably inspires me to write one of my most beloved fanfictions: "Bookman" which is a D.Gray-Man fanfiction hosted on fanfiction.net. Inspired by artbug's "Mana" it follows the journey of Bookman and Lavi before they arrive at the Order. Between "Bookman" and my 100-chapter story of Lavi/Allen one-shots, I am quite busy, but enjoy it greatly.

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